Publications and Presentations

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From Little Black Dress to Little Blue Vest: Film, Fashion, and the Shifting Position of the American Shopgirl.


Kaiser, Susan B. and Sara T. Bernstein. “Rural Representations in Fashion and Television: Co-optation and Cancellation.” Fashion, Style and Popular Culture Journal 1.1 (2014): 97 – 117.

Kaiser, Susan B., Joe Hancock and Sara T. Bernstein. “Luxury and Its Opposites: A Critical Fashion Studies Perspective.” The Luxury Economy and Intellectual Property: Critical Reflections. Eds. Haochen Sun, Madhavi Sunder and Barton Beebe. (Oxford UP 2014).

Bernstein, Sara T. and Susan B. Kaiser. “Fashion Out of Place: Experiencing Fashion in a Small American Town.” Critical Studies in Fashion and Beauty. 4.1 (2013): 43 – 70.

Bernstein, Sara T. and Elise M. Chatelain. “CEO’s and Office Ho’s: Notes from the Trenches of our Women’s Studies Classrooms.” Invisible and Irrelevant? Contemporary Feminism and Its Discontents. Eds. Kumi Silva and Kaitlynn Mendes. (Palgrave, Forthcoming).

Bernstein, Sara T. “ ‘In this same gown of shadow:’ Functions of Fashion in Villette.” The Brontës in the World of the Arts. Eds. Sandra Hagan and Juliette Wells. Ashgate Publishers, Ltd., 2008. 149 – 168.


Bernstein, Sara Tatyana. “Always Open.” Syzygy! May 1996, issue 1.


“Werewolf Bar Mitzvah: Coming of Age on the Fringes of America.” (Co-author Elise Chatelain, Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of New Orleans). Society for Cinema and Media Studies National Conference, Seattle, WA (March 2014).

“On TV’s Rural Purge ca. 1970.” (Co-author Susan Kaiser, Professor of Women and Gender Studies, UC Davis). Popular Culture Association National Conference, Washington D.C. (March 2013).

“Performance Review: Nostalgia, Genre and Labor Identities in The Help and Larry Crowne.” (Co-author Elise Chatelain, Ph.D. Cultural Studies, UC Davis). Society for Cinema and Media Studies National Conference, Boston, MA (March 2012).

“I won’t let go at any price: 80s Teen Cinema and Perpetually Temporary Working-Class Femininity in Pretty in Pink”. Panel Chair: Seventeen Again: Revisiting the Cultural Studies of Youth. Cultural Studies Association National Conference, Berkeley, CA (March 2010).

“Buying Time: Commodifying Temporality in Mid-19th C. Women’s Fashion and Magazines”. Rocky Mountain MLA Conference, Calgary, Alberta (October 2007).

“ ‘In this same gown of shadow:’ Between Fashion and Anti-Fashion in Villette”. Richard Martin Visual Culture Symposium, New York University (April 2005).

Invited Panelist

Respondent for Meredith Wallis, Esq., Ph.D. Candidate, Modern Thought and Literature, Stanford University, “Adverse Possession: On Property Law and Winnie the Pooh.” Stanford Center for the Study of the Novel, Stanford University (February 2012).

Presentation: “The Dandy and the Rock Star: Andrew Oldham, Fashioning The Rolling Stones,” UC Davis Fashion Research Conference (April 2007).

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