Writing Coaching

Perhaps the biggest myth about writing is that it is an isolated, solo process. In fact, the best writing happens through collaborations – with your readers, with editors and with other writers. A writing coach is a little bit of all of these things, but with the sole goal of helping you communicate more effectively.

The title “writing coach” is used in a variety of ways, to describe many different services. What they all boil down to – and what the title means to me – is that a writing coach helps you become a better writer.

No matter your profession, interests, or goals the ability to communicate through the written word is a necessary part of life. For many people, this process is intimidating. Others find it exhilarating, but need a supportive, objective partner to help them move forward. What excites me about writing is that wherever you are right now, you can get better.

Whether you are a professional who wants to craft more compelling proposals or grants, an aspiring author, or a graduate student struggling to finish your dissertation, I can help you. As your writing coach, I will begin by assessing your current strengths and challenges and developing a set of goals to get you where you want to be. This may include (but is not limited to) working on specific issues such as organization, structure and grammar, as well as developing less tangible skills like voice and style, and finding the motivation to make writing a habit.

In addition to many years of experience teaching essay and composition writing, I have worked in non-profit development and communications and have completed a dissertation. I am also a published author of both scholarly articles and fiction.

Contact me to discuss rates.

sarabphd – AT – gmail

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