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Articles and Essays

’Tis the Season: What 80s Mall Movies Tell Us About an Enduring Site of American Tension, LitHub, 12/2/2022

What We Wear: A Reading List on Fashion and Our Complex Relationship with Clothes, Longreads, 3/2022

An Ode to Poorly Lit Dressing Rooms, Catapult, 9/2020

Why Your Grandma’s Housecoat is the Perfect Work-From-Home Outfit, Catapult, 9/2019

What will the 2000s fashion revival really look like?, The Outline, 9/2019

Farewell to Payless and its terrible, no good, very cheap, occasionally meaningful shoes, The Outline, 4/2019

“The New Peacock Revolution in Menswear” MIX Magazine, Spring 2019 (print, UK)

TV Reboots Aren’t Really About Nostalgia, BuzzFeed Reader, 8/2018

Why Gen X Isn’t Psyched for the ’90s Revival, Vox, 3/2018

Coming of Middle Age with Ursula Le Guin, Full Stop 2/2018

Portrait of a Budget Cut, Inside Higher Ed, 1/2018

How Garment Workers Used Fashion on the Picket Line, Racked, 12/2017

‘Menocore’ Is as Much About Wealth as It Is About Age, Racked, 10/2017

Literary and Creative Nonfiction

Just Looking, Buckman Journal, 6/2022 (print)

Orphans and Runaways, Hippocampus Magazine, 1/2022

Selected Writing For Dismantle Magazine

What the 1980s Prairie Revival Can Tell Us About Cottagecore, 9/2021

21st Century Queer Fashion Stories: A Conversation with Dr. Kelly Reddy-Best, 6/2020

The Dress Code: How Short Hair Became a “Rule” for Older Women, 11/2019

The Dress Code: Is the Kimono Trend Cultural Appropriation?, 7/2019

Sorry to Bother You and Why Pro-Union Movies Are So Rare, 12/2018

That Vetements Window Display and The Trouble With Social Justice Chic, 8/2017

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